An efficient, interconnected process chain is of decisive importance for maximum profitability, especially for the development and production of individual, customer-specific solutions.

The Bader Group has systematically invested in
the quality of all the service modules during the last years. We offer you solutions today, which fulfill all of your requirements from product design to logistics. Experienced product managers, who are responsible for the adherence to schedules and the quality of all the orders during the complete process solution steps, will attend to you.

We consider ”production competence“ as being able to achieve all the major processes in the companies ourselves. We invested in highly modern painting and powder coating systems, which give us inconceivable flexibility. As a result of expanding our services due to the complete assembly of subassemblies and components, we have been able to make our vision of integrated process solutions a reality.

Benefits of Bader Process Solutions:

  • Integrated service modules for the fastest possible processes.
  • Convincing profitability at all project phases.
  • Interconnected quality management for product and services.

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